I am primarily an oil painter who uses color, texture and figurative components to create an emotional state with the viewer. Typically, my creative process begins with a larger concept or theme, from which I compose visuals that can address the theme allegorically. In recent work, this has led to visuals that explore the transient nature of the human soul. I will typically start by creating a seemingly abstract work surface using alternating layers of transparent colors. Organic shapes are created by adding solvents to these transparent layers of oily glazes. At this point in the process, I allow my chosen theme to influence how I will manipulate the organic abstractions. My goal is to reveal a thoughtful figurative composition hidden within the abstractions. I am not compelled to create figurative work out of an obsession to capture a likeness, but rather as a tool for forcing specific emotional responses that would not be possible through the ambiguity of abstraction alone.



We avoid choices we don't want to make to avoid emotions we don't want to feel.


We put our hope in the ephemeral because we don't have the patience to trust the transcendent.


Nothing angers us more than the truth.


We are comfortable accepting as much grace as we're willing to extend.


In the absence of truth, we judge each other based on the quality of our lies.


We envy each others' lies.


We lie to ourselves so we can lie to others.


We take what we want and leave what we need.


We live in the future to avoid the past.


The proud are always the last to heal.


Shame assumes we are alone in our brokenness.


We paint the unseen parts of strangers with our own secrets.


The noise helps us forget how alone we are.


Coming to terms with the past requires choosing to love the present and reassessing the future.


The wisdom we can't share with our former selves is imparted on our children.


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